THE CELIBATE RIFLES "Roman Beach Party" (Area Pirata, 2018)

copertina THE CELIBATE RIFLES "Roman Beach Party"

Gli australiani Celibate Rifles sono una delle mie band preferite in assoluto, così quando Jacopo di Area Pirata - durante un'edizione del Festival Beat - mi confessò il suo sogno nel cassetto di volerne ristampare almeno un disco, presi l'invito come una chiamata alle armi.
Contattai Kent Steedman e Damien Lovelock, che si dissero subito felici dell'opportunità, li intervistai e scrissi le note di copertina di quella che risultò essere la prima ristampa in vinile di "Roman Beach Party", uno degli album migliori della band di Sydney. Sicuramente il più amato dai fan. 
Un lavoro di cui vado orgoglioso per la cura che ci abbiamo messo per far tornare in circolazione questo pezzo di storia del rock dei nostri antipodi: qualità audiofila in vinile 180 grammi, copertina apribile con foto, note e intervista, con tanto di coupon digitale incluso. Di seguito le mie liner notes in inglese, esattamente come appaiono su disco:


In 1987 the Celibate Rifles are the spearhead of Australian rock’n’roll. After three excellent albums (in order: "Sideroxylon", "Celibate Rifles" a.k.a. "Five Languages", and "The Turgid Miasma of Existence") they have achieved a loyal following of fans both in Europe and in the United States. There were also some adjustments to the initial line-up and now the quintet seems to have settled with a band that includes the charismatic singer Damien Lovelock, the fast twin-guitar attack by Kent Steedman and Dave Morris, and the relentless rhythm section composed by Paul Larsen on drums and Rudy Morabito on bass, who have just taken over from Phil Jacquet and Michael Couvret. 

In the spring of ‘87 Hot Records releases "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", a formidable live album that testifies to a wild gig held the year before at the CBGB's, the legendary temple of punk in New York. The live album comes out just before the band embarks on a new world tour. On a break in Europe the Celibate Rifles record their fourth studio album in the Dutch town of Weesp. Then they start playing again up and down the Old Continent. In Torvaianica, on the Lazio coast not far from Rome, the band holds a memorable concert on the beach. The gig’s organization is chaotic, as often happens in Italy. But for the Sydney group that night turns into an unforgettable party thanks to the warmth and enthusiasm of the Italian fans. So, when they have to choose the new album’s title, "Roman Beach Party" seems to be perfect! The cover is also a snapshot of that crazy day’s soundcheck. 

“Roman Beach Party” is a Celibate Rifles’ classic and one of the band’s finest moments. It confirms the band’s sound and style: fast and aggressive rock'n'roll that, suddenly, can bring listeners into open spaces towards more meditated numbers. So next to songs such as the legendary punk attack of Jesus On TV and the no less disruptive The More Things Change, I Still See You, (It’s Such A) Wonderful Life, Invisible Man, there are tunes with a strong psychedelic vein such as Ocean Shore and the instrumental Frank Hyde (slight return).  It’s a bunch of brilliant and unforgettable songs that perfectly express the band’s joy of living, fine humour and direct approach, and make "Roman Beach Party" one of the fave records amongst Celibate Rifles’ fans. Simply, one of the best Australian records of the 80’s.



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